Area 51

Dann Gallucci - Guitar
Derek Fudesco - Bass
Spencer Moody - Vocals
Andrea Zollo - Vocals
Sterling Callier - Drums
Andy Sells - Drums

Track Listing For 7", 10", and 12":
Dead Cop
Middle Class
11 Years Too Late
Area 51
Over The Edge

Area 51 7" (1994)
Forbidden Records

Vinyl: Red Vinyl (1000)

"Authentic" Sleeve - Sealed on bottom only. Two-sided insert with picture and lyrics. "Alternate" Sleeve - ??? (see notes)

Side 1: AREA 51 SIDE 1
Side 2: AREA 51 SIDE 2

This is an interesting record in the sense that there are two different covers with the exact same vinyl. One cover is the authentic one (or first pressing) and the other lies somewhere between bootleg and second pressing. The story goes as such...

A roommate who claimed the band owed her $30 for a phone bill stole 300 copies of the vinyl, but without jackets. She then made her own covers and had the records distributed and sold. So there are 700 "authentic" versions of the cover and somewhere around 300 copies of the "alternate" sleeve.

(Source: A February 1999 MCD Interview.)

Area 51.. 7" Sleeve
Area 51.. 7" Side 1
Area 51.. 7" Side 2
Area 51.. 7" Insert


Discography 10" (1998)
Hopscotch #7

Vinyl: Black Vinyl (500 Pressed), White Vinyl (100 Pressed), 33RPM

Cover: 2 Inserts, 1 for Area 51 and 1 for Hopscotch.

There are two versions of this sleeve.

100 copies with glossy covers that if touched will leave oily marks. If held at an angle you can see the gas mask logo in varying shades of shiny black. All covers were intended to be like this, but upon seeing them and realizing that they would leave such marks, the label kept the 100 and had the rest done in the second style (see below). They then added a sticker to the 100 glossy covers, asking you not to remove the plastic. Of the 100, 50 of these are black vinyl and 50 are white - 10 of the white vinyl are hand numbered on a sticker on the front.

The remaining vinyl was put into a black matte sleeve. This does not have the gas mask logo, just the Area 51.. text in white. Most of these are black vinyl but 50 white vinyl copies were also distributed.

Side A: HOPSCOTCH-#7-A   L-49849
Side B: HOPSCOTCH-#7-B   L-49849

Area 51.. Discography 10" (White Vinyl, Glossy Cover)
Area 51.. Discography 10" (Black Vinyl, Glossy Cover)
Area 51.. Discography 10" (Black Vinyl, Matte Cover)
Area 51.. Discography 10" Test Pressing
Warning Sticker on Glossy Covers

Discography 12" (2006)
SoundVirus 24

Vinyl: Clear Vinyl (505), 45RPM

Cover: The exact opposite of the glossy cover 10". The gas mask logo in varying shades of shiny white.

Side A: Soundvirus #24 A
Side B: Soundvirus #24 B

Area 51.. Discography (Clear Vinyl)
Area 51.. Discography (Clear Vinyl)