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Websites Fansite
18 Wheels Fansite
MCD at AllMusic
Official Site (Not Updated)

Two Excellent Live Show Recordings from 1998 and 1999
Amazing Quality Recording of Showbox Show, 2006

CDs and Merch
Hydra Head - Big Business
Wantage USA - Big Business (and long out of print Cleavers 7")
Go Midnight Records (TOLSATD, Gun Called Tension, Etc)
Merchandise From Lucky Horse Industries
MCD Items on eBay
MCD CDs + DVDs @ Amazon

Murder City Devils Videos on YouTube

Thanks For The Info...

Nate Manny @ Halftone Design
Gabe Kerbrat @ Hellbound Management
Derek Fudesco @ Cave Singing
Corey Brewer @ TOLSATD
Kyle Davis @ Kapow Records
Mike Ott @ SoundVirus
Brian Roettinger @ Hand Held Heart
Dagger @
Josh Jessup @ 18 Wheels
Josh Vanek @ Wantage USA
Mark and Andrew @ Hydra Head

And of course, eBay