Queen Mab

Cassandra - Vocals and Guitar
Deb - Bass
Derek - Vocals
Jerry - Drums and Vocals

Queen Mab 7" (1994)
Judgementil Music 001

Recorded January 1994
Engineered by Kevin Army
Produced by Kevin Army and Queen Mab

Side 1: Smile Big Today, Depth
Side 2: Unbalanced, J Is For Jesus Christ

Vinyl: Black Vinyl, Label says 33RPM but record is actually 45RPM

Cover: Sealed on left side, opens up with lyrics/etc on inside of sleeve

Side A: Judementil Music-001-A    Kevin Is Rad
Side B: Judementil Music-001-B    Punks With Presses Is Rad

Queen Mab Cover and Vinyl
Queen Mab Back Cover
Queen Mab Inside Cover