The Hookers

Spencer Moody - Vocals
Dann Gallucci - Guitar
Andrea Zollo - Drums
Derek Fudesco - Bass
Brandon Angle - Organ

The Hookers S/T 12" (2003)
Cold Crush 002

Release Date: 2/4/2003

Vinyl: White Vinyl (30), Pink Vinyl (300), Black Vinyl (2000), 45RPM

The white vinyl copies are hand numbered and have a blank white label. They were given out to friends, family, and the first few people that ordered the record.

The songs on this record were recorded at the beginning of the band's six month existence, before Brandon Angle began playing organ at the live shows.

The band had awesome bowling shirts made that they wore when they played live. The one pictured belonged to Spencer Moody (and then Brandon Angle).

Cover: Insert (Pink vinyl copies have a pink insert, Both black and white copies have a white insert)

Side A: CC-002-A au
Side B: CC-002-B au

The Hookers (Pink Vinyl)
The Hookers (Black Vinyl)
The Hookers (White Vinyl, #13/30)
The Hookers (Test Press, 1 of 6)