Tunstin Gat

Members: Greg Schneider, Derek Fudesco, Dan McComas

Derek was previously in Queen Mab, and went on to play in Death Wish Kids, Area 51, Murder City Devils, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and Cave Singers. Greg and Dan were in Multi-Facet. Dan played drums for Black Cat Music. Greg played in Uranium 9 Volt, Redscare, and The Influents.

Tunstin Gat 7" (1994)
702 Records #1

Recorded May 17 & 18, 1994 by Kevin Army

Vinyl: "Root Beer" Vinyl, 45RPM. It's hard to tell if the vinyl is supposed to be this color or if it is intended to be black but (like many records) ended up being somewhat translucent.

Cover: Full Sleeve

Side A: 702-1A JG
Side B: 702-1B JG

Tunstin Gat 7" - Root Beer Vinyl
Tunstin Gat Back Cover
Tunstin Gat 7" Side B