Rabbit Ears

Members: Spencer Moody and Jeff MacIsaac

Rabbit Ears S/T CD EP (2006)
Go Midnight Records GMR 001

Notes:     [ From Go Midnight Records Website ]
Well, Rabbit Ears is Jeff MacIsaac and myself. Electric drums and vocals only. we tried to take a contemporary R&B approach to the song writing. but,you know you can't shake your roots. So what we got is something else. I like it. Jeff and I met in 8th grade and became friends when we attended debate camp together. We hit it off easy you know both being big fans of Cream and Jimi Hendricks. this was before the great un-doing our punk years and drop out years. We watched that 80's classic Suburbia lots. Early on we tried playing music together. I took some guitar lessons and Jeff got drums. Let just say one of us showed natural ability. Dann was around. So we all started a band with me singing. I was very bad at it. Why they both gave me second chances I'll never know. It was 15 years ago..more than 15 years ago. rabbit ears rule

ftw- Spencer Moody 06